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Our clinic is essentially a solo practice providing a service to women on a very personal level. The basic philosophy of the practice is to provide the highest level of obstetric and gynaecological service with the best use of present day technological advances, but not neglecting the human element.

When you make an appointment and visit the clinic you will be speaking to either Kellie or Ellina. Kellie is my receptionist and secretary. She is highly experienced with matters of the clinic and her professionalism and organizational skills are greatly appreciated by most patients. She will be able to attend to your administrative and billing matters. Ellina is my nurse assistant at the time of your examination or in the clinic OT.

Consultation is by appointment during office hours. If you need an urgent consultation I am able to see you at the A & E of the Gleneagles Hospital. We try to keep waiting time to a minimum because we understand that you are a busy person as well. However due to emergencies and deliveries, the nature of the work may necessitate some delays. We will try to inform you in advance if possible. Consultation takes place in my office where the physical examination and ultrasound scan is performed. All ultrasound scans are personally performed by myself. Deliveries and operations are performed where I have operating rights. These would be Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Thomson Medical Centre, and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Our clinic also has facilities to perform minor procedures under local anaesthesia.